Be Happy and Productive With the Right Franchise


A recent article published by Harvard Business Review reinforces the importance of personal happiness with a career and how it relates to productivity.

After citing statistics from a Gallup poll showing that only 30% of the workforce is engaged in their jobs, and 5% are actively disengaged, the article’s author, Annie McKee, who is the founder of a leadership development firm, identifies the three most common factors in workplace engagement: A meaningful vision of the future; a sense of purpose; and great relationships.

The tie-in to franchising here is obvious. A franchise that has a company-wide vision of the future you can truly get behind will, in addition to providing you with a purpose, furnish you with a pre-laid out plan to success and great relationships with clients, fellow franchisees, vendors and the franchise leadership team. As part of a successful franchise system, you'll be a member of a team, yet your own boss and benefit directly from your personal success.

See the full article from HBR here.

Michael Kupfer

Michael is the Online Marketing Manager at FBR, specializing in search and email marketing, while also helping to create much of FBR's webinar programs and content. When not at the office, Michael spends his time running, hiking the White Mountains with his wife, watching baseball, and serving as a volunteer tutor at the Dover Adult Learning Center.