Where Are the Big Name Brands?

pizza hut

We sometimes receive questions from franchise seekers about why we don't have certain big name franchise brands listed on our website. The answer is not the same for each brand, but it's important to note that the brands we DO feature meet several criteria:

  • They allowed us to conduct research (at no cost to them) of their current franchisees.
  • There is a high level of satisfaction among their current franchisees. We do not list brands that score poorly on our site.
  • They have opted in to having a public profile on our site and being contacted by interested franchise seekers.

If a brand you are interested in does not appear on our site, one or more of those criteria is not being met. Big name franchise brands may be excluded for any of these reasons. Some brands have not permitted us to perform the free research. Others have given permission, but scored poorly. And some have scored well, but, due to a lack of franchise territories available (or other reasons), have chosen not to be contacted by interested candidates.

In addition to the fast food mega-brands that come to mind quickly, we get frequent inquiries about Food and Beverage brands such as Jimmy John's, Pizza HutGolden Corral, Domino's, Papa John's, and Little Caesar's. Another industry with many inquiries is Automotive. Website visitors are regularly interested in opening a Meineke, Maaco, or Midas franchise. Other common brands of interest range from Kumon to Signarama to Matco Tools.

If, like many others, you are interested in one of these brands, we encourage you to perform your due diligence. While the brands listed on our top franchises list have proven they have strong franchise relationships, this does not mean that all others do not. However, you should be sure to ask any brand if they do have third party validation they can share with you and, of course, be sure to speak directly with many of the brand's current franchise owners.

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Michael Kupfer

Michael is the Online Marketing Manager at FBR, specializing in search and email marketing, while also helping to create much of FBR's webinar programs and content. When not at the office, Michael spends his time running, hiking the White Mountains with his wife, watching baseball, and serving as a volunteer tutor at the Dover Adult Learning Center.