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Demand for Franchises That Make Summer Fun by Removing 4 Common Stressors is Hot

Demand for Franchises That Make Summer Fun by Removing 4 Common Stressors is Hot

Everyone wants their summer to be fun. This equates a wonderful business opportunity for franchises that address elements which cause stress for many people.


Why B2B is One of the Fastest Growing Franchise Sectors

Every business relies on other businesses to deliver the services and products it needs to run smoothly and grow. As a B2B franchisee, you’ll provide services or products that save small businesses time and money so they can be more productive and profitable. These benefits make you an integral part of your clients’ success, which


253 Million Cars & Trucks On the Road Drive Automotive Franchise Sales

The fact that there are 253 million cars and trucks on U.S. roads, the average age of which is 11.4 years, makes investing in an automotive franchise appealing to many. Learn about the marketplace and the Automotive Franchises with the highest franchisee satisfaction rankings.


Child and Senior Services Franchisees May Be Among the Happiest People

The happiest people are those who are solving tough problems and “making a difference” in people’s lives according to Harvard professor Rosabeth Moss Kanter. It’s therefore not surprising then that franchisees within the child and senior services sectors tend to feel especially fulfilled. Learn about the opportunities they offer.


Nailing the Demand For Home Services Franchises

  Estimates say the overall addressable home services market size is between $250 billion to $400 billion.1  Key factors driving it’s growth are: Increasing number of two-parent households: Households in which both parents work full time now stand at 46% and the median household income for families with two full-time working parents is $102,400.2 The